Eurorack modular in 1980 by Synton

Synton 3000

This system is owned by Marc Paping. It can be used as a four-voice synth. It includes:
Eight 3021 VCO’s, four 3005 EG’s, four 3010 EG’s, four 3017 VCF’s, four 3224 Dual VCF’s, six 3209 dual VCA’s and a total of fourteen 3015 and 3016 mixer modules. There is also a variety of LFO’s, NRG’s, I/O amps, sample & holds and gate processors.

Our experience with this system has helped us design the Fenix as a compact, flexible synth that has attenuators and mixers integrated into many of its modules. The Interface module contains a powersupply,  3 jack sockets  wich can be used for input and outputs and a keyboard interface.

System 3000 Manual

PCB Layout S3000

Midi interface added to the powersuppy. System belong to Daniel Freund.  Midi modification is done by Sebastian Niessen. (Info about this “advanced 4-channel Midi-interface” see

3000 keyboard report

3000 system with keyboard and Bob Moogs Touch plate

There were about 25 modules availlable. The latest 5 modules like PPG  are produced in small numbers.

Synton 3000 serie modules

Synton 1984 pricelist

System 3000 used by Bob Moog for demo’s

Bob Moog demo set

Pre release S3000 with brand name SMS