Fenix modular synthesizer

A direct descendant of the highly respected Synton 3000 modular synthesizer and the Syrinx lead synth, the Fenix offers traditional analog technology and innovative new features in a compact design for an attractive price of around 1500 euros.


SOS Review Fenix


We have designed a unit with a fixed set of separate modules, that need to be interconnected like a modular (like an Korg MS50 or Roland 700)..

There are 65 rotary controls at the upper half of the front panel and about 140 banana-sockets at the lower half. The unit is about 5 inch deep, 19 inch wide (rack mount, and 9 U high.

We decided that rather than creating identical modules, almost every module is different from the others. This means that every LFO and Envelope Generator (and most mixers, VCO’s, VCF’s etc.) has different controls and in/outs.
There are no Curtis-chips or other hard-to-get components in the unit; only easily available parts.
The Fenix is no longer available. We keep this website active for documentary use.
All Fenixes carry full warranty and we suggest contacting us before attempting repair or modification.

The Fénix uses industry-standard 1V/octave for pitch control, and positive gate signals.
Internal audio levels are 4 VPP, control voltages are -4/+4 or 0-8 Volts


Midi at Fénix

System belong to Daniel Freund. Midi modification is done by Sebastian Niessen.

Info about this “advanced 4-channel Midi-interface” see http://www.s-n-d.com/specialse.html