Fenix II and III information

These will be 2 separate units. Both models will have a 19″ (11HE) metal case like the Fénix 1.

Optional will be wooden site-panels like the proto type and a 19″ 11HE mounting housing (to preserve the angle within a 19″ rack) instead of  the 19″ ears.

Fénix II (Synthesizer)
3 VCO’s, 3 different VCO’s ( Inputs CV, FM, PWM, Sync e.o, Output square, triagle, sawtooth and some has puls, sub, sine e.o) )
4 different VCF´s ( SVF, 24dB Lp, BPF, 12dB Lp). ( Input CV modulation, SVF has Q-CV control
3 EGR and 4 VCA’s and 5 LFO’s. (Many modules are voltage controlled)
7 Mixers ( 3 audio mixers and 4 DC-Audio mixers).
1 Phaser and 1 Delay (BDD). ( off course voltage controlled)
1 8 step analog sequencer with own clock.
1 Waveshapers, 1 wavemultiplier and 1 full wave rectifier. ( voltage controlled, except for the rectifier )
1 CPR, 1 S&H, 1 Gate delay, 1 Ringmodulator, 1 Slew limiter, 1 fixed +/- 5volt output.
1 Analog noise and 1 Digital noise. ( Digital noise voltage controlled
1 6 Banana to 3,5 mm minijack connectors.
1 Input module with trigger, gate and envelop out
1 Stereo output module with dual panning and dual VCA. ( off course voltage controlled)

Fénix III (Sequencer)
1 LFO board
3 Sequencer boards
1 CV expander boards (with potmeters)
3 gate expander 1 boards (with switches)
1 gate expander 2 boards (with switches)
1 Banana to 3,5 mm minijack connectors

LFO board has a LFO with divided outputs, delayed outputs, duplets and triplet’s outputs, attenuators, gate buffers, glide modules, quantizer, gate to S-trigger and a midi sync input (you can choose the internal clock or the midi sync).

Sequencer board is a standalone 16 steps sequencer without LFO. This board is internal connected to the main LFO and the Run/Stop and Reset input. Each sequencer board can be used as a standalone 16 step sequencer when using an externe clock. This board has control inputs (like clock, step length, mute, Run, CV to step). These inputs overrules the internal connected functions and CV Outputs with a CV input. Internal is a skip function available controlled by the switch expander. The direction of the sequencer be set normal, random and left/right.

Expander boards are connected to a sequencer board. The expander board will run sync with the sequencer board. There are 3 types of expander boards.

A CV expander board. This add an extra 16 CV step sequencer (can also be set at 2 x 8 steps).

A gate expander 1 board with 16 switches and 2 gate outputs and 1 PW input. This board can also be used for the skip function of the sequencer board)

A gate expander 2 board with 16 switches and 1 gate outputs and 1 PW input and 1 mute input.

Fenix II 3350 euro

Fenix III 2150 euro

Cable set II ( 8- 25cm, 22- 50cm, 2- 100cm) 75 euro

Cable set III ( 8- 25cm, 15- 50cm, 7- 100cm) 75 euro

19″ 11HE mounting housing, instead of 19″ ears 50 euro

Wooden site panels instead of 19″ ears (like protype) 85 euro

There will be a very limited production (all units are sold).

19″ 11HE mounting housing. (preserve the angle within a 19″ rack) and there is some space for mounting some leds for lightning




Photo of one the prototype Fenix GT

This proto type is a Fénixsequencer) and a Fénix synthesizer  in one case. (that means 68 switches, 197 potmeters en 424 banana sockets at one frontpanel of 924*436 mm)..  Some of the modules differs from the later produced FII and F III