Some sound examples of the first fenixXL/II
Orion Von Schuler  (This synth is phenomenal and probably the only instrument I will ever need to play again
Examples David Morley .
First Try
Dennis 1< , 3-VCO’s,=;Noise, 12dB filter, BP filter, LP filter, wave multiplier ADSR, SlewLimiter + sequencer.
Dennis 2
Dennis 3
Dennis 4, 
 1 vco + waveshaper,all lfo’s, bandpass vcf, sequencer.
Dennis 5 
Dennis 6, GTDarn Ambient 3-VCO’s, noise lfo waveshaper wavemultiplier phaser lowpass vcf 12/24db s​equencer.
Dennis 8  GTMellow
Dennis 7 GTMellow, VCO, morphing outputs of the multimode filter with 3 VCA’s and LFO3
Dennis 9 GTMellow
Drone (Copyright Cor Bolten)

Cor Bolten DroneMono-01 Copyright Cor Bolten)
Cor Bolten Drone Stereo-01 Copyright Cor Bolten)
Cor Bolten DroneMono-04 Copyright Co Bolten)
Cor Bolten-Stereo-06 Copyright Cor Bolten)
Cor Bolten DroneStereo-08 Copyright Cor Bolten)
Cor Bolten DroneStereoDelay-02 Copyright Cor Bolten)
Cor Bolten DroneStereoDelay-04 Copyright Cor Bolten)
Cor Bolten DroneStereoDelay-05 Copyright Cor Bolten)
Cor Bolten DroneStereoDelay-07 Copyright Cor Bolten)

Some fenix movies
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Fenix & Serge
Fenix Mush
Fenix acid
Fenix Standard Technoid
Jam on modulae synths. Synton Fenix II & III, Bubgbrand, Blacet and Eurorack
First test with my Fenix2…
Funky Fenix Demo
Fenix II and III testride
Vimea Some fenix info
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Muffwiggler denix II/III demo’s