Parts for some Synton products and Fenix (NO CURTIS IC) are still availlable.
Price excl. shipping costs. If you need other parts please mail me  Send mail

New Old Stock   Most are obsolete or hard to get parts
IC CA3080  DIL-8 1,50 euro
IC CA3280  DIL-16 5 euro
IC CD4006  DIL-14 1 euro
IC HA4741  DIL-14 1 euro
IC 3046       DIL-14 1 euro
Potmeters Syrinx 3 euro Radiohm P160BA, 6  .  mm D-Shaft, Several value’s. A=Lin, B=Log
Only 10kA, 22kA, 47kA and 1MB are availlable
Potmeters Fénix 1 8 euro for 5 Radiohm CIP160C, 6mm D-Shaft. A=Lin, B=Log, C=Reverse log and S=S-Curve log
Knobs, small Fénix 1 1 euro For 6mm shaft
Knobs, large Fénix 1 1,25 euro For 6mm shaft
Potmeters Fénix II-III 8 euro for 5 Taiwan Alpha RV16AF and RV16AEF, 6mm K-shaft,  A=Log, B=Lin
Knobs, small Fénix II-III 3 euro for 10 Rean  F313 red/blue/black, for k-shaft
Knobs, large Fénix II-III 3,5 euro for 10 Rean  F317 red/blue, for k-shaft
3 pins cable set 2 euro for 5 Used in Fenix II and III
8 pins cable set 4 euro for 5 Used in Fenix II and III
Banana socket 4mm 3 euro for 10 Black, Green, Yellow and Blue,  27 euro for 100
Banana patchcords 25 cm,  about 10″ 1,75 euro Black, 15,75 euro for 10
Banana patchcords 50 cm,  about 20″ 2.25 euro Yellow, green and red, 20,25 euro for 10
Banana patchcords 100 cm,  about 40″ 2,75 euro Blue, 24,75 euro for 10
Banana patchcords 100 cm, about 40″ 2,25 euro Blue  only one side a banana plug, 20,25 euro for 10
Internal fuse Fenix I 2 euro/10 5*20mm, 1A, medium time-lag
Internal fuse Fenix II 2 euro/10 5*20mm, 2A, medium time-lag
Internal fuse Fenix III 2 euro/10 5*20mm, 1,6A, medium time-lag